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Community Defibrillator


St. John Ambulance's Community Defibrillators

In the mere seconds that a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, witnesses need to be willing to take action within minutes to ensure any chance of survival. Through CPR and use of an AED, chance of survival can reach up to 75%. Without CPR and a shock from an AED, the casualty is not likely to survive past 10 minutes.

One-of-a-kind Community Defibrillator Stand

St. John Ambulance LaunchPAD

All our community defibrillators are hosted in our one-of-a-kind LaunchPAD stands. These stands are proudly made in BC and made of durable UV-protected ABS plastic, which is over 85% recycled materials. The top of the stand holds an AED and a Naloxone kit in a secure case which, when opened, an alarm rings and health officials are called, and the bottom has a fully stocked St. John Ambulance first aid kit. The LaunchPAD is effective with any brand of AED, which includes ZOLL, Philips, Cardiac Science, and more.